Vishal Verma

Senior Principal Investigator

Vishal Verma is a Senior Principal Scientist at Genentech, leading teams across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and modalities. He obtained his BA from Northwestern University in 2003 and his PhD from Stanford University with Professor Paul Wender in 2008. He started his drug discovery career at Schering-Plough/Merck and contributed to multiple programs targeting HCV. In 2012, he joined Genentech and has worked on a variety of therapeutic areas including antibody-drug conjugates for oncology & infectious disease and small molecule programs targeting pain, Gram-negative infectious disease, oncology and immunology, contributing to multiple clinical candidate programs. During the course of his industrial career, he has worked on a range of modalities, including antibody-drug conjugates, irreversible and reversible covalent inhibitors targeting cysteine and lysine, allosteric inhibitors, molecular glue degraders, RNA targeting small molecules and more. Vishal has over 50 peer reviewed publications and patents and has both presented at and been a session organizer for multiple international conferences.