Vishal Birar

Research Fellow
Mass General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Vishal is a synthetic medicinal chemist with over eight years of research experience in preclinical drug discovery and chemical probe development. He received his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry at the University of Brighton, UK, and Postdoctoral training at the University of Notre Dame, USA. He worked as a medicinal chemist at Piramal Healthcare limited, India, to develop small molecules targeting metabolic disorders (inhibitors for DGAT1, DPP-4) and Cancer (EZH2). During postdoctoral training, he was involved in developing paramagnetic probes for C-terminal Hsp90 proteins and discovering novel alkaloids-based molecules presently in Phase I clinical study for cancer. Currently, he is associated with Mass general hospital and Harvard medicinal school for preclinical and clinical PET radiotracer development for studying early signatures of neuroinflammation.