Václav Němec

Goethe University Frankfurt

Václav Němec graduated from Organic Chemistry (MSc. and PhD.) at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic, group of Prof. Kamil Paruch), where he was involved in several chemical-biology projects which resulted in the identification of highly selective small molecules, such as inhibitors of CLKs, HIPK, CK1, ALK1/2 kinases and Hedgehog signaling. He has spent 7 months in laboratories of Prof. David Procter (Manchester, UK), where he was working on a synthesis of natural product Phaeocaulisin. During his one-month internship in the group of Prof. Frédéric Friscourt (EICB Bordeaux, France), he gained experience with chemo-enzymatic synthesis of poly-LacNAc chains. Since September 2020, he is working at the SGC (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) on the establishment of chemogenomic library and on the development biologically active small molecules, such as quality chemical probes and PROTACs.