Saul Rosenberg

Saul Rosenberg is senior director of Oncology Discovery at AbbVie. He received his BS degree from MIT and then moved to the University of California at Berkeley where he earned a PhD degree in organic chemistry in the laboratory of Professor Henry Rapoport. He began his career in the area of Cardiovascular Research where he discovered the renin inhibitor zankiren. He subsequently moved to the oncology discovery area and currently holds the title of senior director. In this capacity, he has overseen the discovery and advancement of 16 compounds to the status of clinical candidate, including the BCL-2 family inhibitors, venetoclax (Venclexta, ABT-199) and navitoclax (ABT-263), and the PARP inhibitor, veliparib (ABT-888). He has authored more than 130 publications, is an inventor on 25 US patents and has been invited speak at numerous venues. His current research efforts are focused on the areas of apoptosis, epigenetics and cell cycle regulation.