Paul Clemons

Dr. Paul Clemons is presently director, Computational Chemical Biology Research at the Center for the Science of Therapeutics, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Dr. Clemons and his team use quantitative measurement, computational, and visualisation techniques to enable systematic use of small molecules to explore biology, especially disease biology. In collaboration with biologists, Dr. Clemons works to understand the consequences of small-molecule action on cells, particularly using multiple readouts, such as gene-expression profiles or profiles based on cellular imaging. With chemists, Dr. Clemons helps to identify the consequences of synthetic chemistry decisions on small-molecule performance, with the goal of developing prolific and performance-diverse small-molecule screening collections optimised for probe-discovery projects. Dr. Clemons’ group helped develop tools such as ChemBank and BioAssay Research Database (BARD), public, small-molecule structure and data-analysis environments that life scientists can use. More recently, Dr. Clemons’ group has participated in development of the Cancer Therapeutics Response Portal (CTRP) and NCI CTD2 Dashboard.