Nigel Ramsden

Nigel has over 25 years experience as a drug discoverer. As a medicinal chemist at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) from 1990 until 2001, he led both chemistry teams and drug-discovery projects across a wide variety of target classes and disease areas, from hit to lead to human proof of concept. From 2001 until 2003, he moved to the Genetics Research Division at GSK to further his understanding of target identification and validation approaches. In 2004, Nigel joined Cellzome as director (and later VP) of Drug Discovery leading a team of 40 scientists across two sites to develop portfolios in Alzheimer’s Disease (partnered with J&J) and kinases and epigenetic targets in inflammation (partnered with GSK). After the successful trade sale of Cellzome to GSK, Nigel joined SYNthesis Med Chem as VP of medicinal chemistry and head of European Operations, primarily working with academic groups and VCs to assist with their drug-discovery activities. Nigel is an author on over 80 publications and patents.