Minkui Lou

Dr. Minkui Luo obtained his B.S. degree in organic chemistry, Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry and chemical biology, and the postdoctoral training in biochemistry. Given his background at the interface of chemistry and biology, the long-term goal of the Luo laboratory is to use the combined chemical and biological tools to define, perturb and manipulate protein methylation and other epigenetic events for disease diagnosis and therapy. At present, the Luo laboratory is advocating the integrated approaches to annotate functions of diverse members of methyltransferases and their related epigenetic modulators, and to profile the substrates of protein methyltransferases under accurate physiological and pathological settings. In parallel, the Luo laboratory is also dedicated to rational design and high throughput screening approaches to develop methyltransferase inhibitors as chemical probes and potential therapeutic reagents. The Luo laboratory has demonstrated the abilities to engineer and perturb methyltransferases with the goal to elucidate their biological roles in accurate disease and biological states. The Luo laboratory also integrates the experimental-computational methods to elucidate catalytic mechanisms of protein methyltransferases.