Mark McLaughlin

Senior Lecturer
Queen's University Belfast

Dr Mark McLaughlin is a lecturer in synthetic and medicinal chemistry at the Chemistry Department, Lancaster University. He was awarded his PhD in organic chemistry from Queen’s University Belfast, where he worked on the development of transition metal catalysed hydrometallation reactions and their use in target synthesis. He then moved to Prof Julian Blagg’s lab at the Institute of Cancer Research focussing on the design and synthesis of selective chemical probes for JMJD2. In May 2016 he joined the group of Prof. Paul Brennan at the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral fellow focussing his research interests on fragment-based approaches to small molecule inhibitors of several important biological targets. In January 2018 he moved to Manchester Metropolitan University as a lecturer in medicinal chemistry and in 2021 moved to the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University, where his group work on the design and synthesis of new modalities to interrogate proteins and signalling pathways in a range of diseases, as well as the development of new catalytic methods to produce novel small molecule scaffolds.