Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a retired Senior Research Advisor with over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. His pharmaceutical experience includes portfolio/research management in conjunction with the evaluation, development, and deployment of new technologies for drug discovery. His research emphasised the use of complex, physiologically relevant cellular systems for target validation, lead generation, SAR support, and biomarker discovery. He was an early adopter of modern empirical drug discovery approaches and was foundational in initiating Eli Lilly’s PD2 Initiative (currently OIDD), a collaborative open innovation venture where compounds from academic and biotech institutes are tested in Lilly’s Phenotypic Assay Platform without charge or commercial obligation. Jonathan has fostered the international phenotypic drug discovery (PDD) community by initiating and managing the on-line PDD Special Interest group, serving as co-editor on three special issues focused on PDD, through publications (11), invited lectures (17), teaching (SLAS since 2016) and by developing and co-organising the first Keystone Symposium in this field, "Modern Phenotypic Drug: Defining the Path Forward". Jonathan continues to work as an independent consultant at PDD4Patients LLC which provides PDD focused services to collaborators from startups, biotechs, academia, and instrument companies.