Domenico Sanfelice

Chemical Biology Curator
Institute of Cancer Research

Domenico embarked on his scientific journey in 2002 when he earned his Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Naples "Federico II." His curiosity and passion for structural biology led him to the United Kingdom, where he pursued a Ph.D. in the Department of Life Sciences at Portsmouth University. During this period, he achieved a Postgraduate Certificate in addition to his doctoral research. Driven by a deep-seated commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, Domenico continued his academic pursuits by joining the academic community at King’s College London. Here, he dedicated himself to the intricate study of Protein-RNA interactions, a pivotal area of research in the field of structural biology. In 2009, he joined the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany. During his tenure at EMBL, he honed his expertise in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and leveraged Fragment-Based Drug Discovery techniques to design novel molecules targeting the interaction between p53 and MDM2, a critical pathway in cancer biology. Domenico was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship in early 2011. This prestigious fellowship propelled him back to London, where he became an integral part of the team at the Medical Research Council (MRC) National Institute for Medical Research. Over the course of five fruitful years, Domenico dedicated himself to unravelling the intricacies of Protein Folding and Misfolding, with a particular focus on their implications in neurodegenerative diseases. In 2016, Domenico took on a senior position at University College London's (UCL) Division of Life Sciences, where he executed ground-breaking research projects. His work involved characterizing the interaction between CDC37 and the FGFR3 kinase, employing an array of cutting-edge biophysical techniques, including NMR and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). Since September 2019, Domenico has embraced a new role as a Data Curator for the Chemical Probes Portal at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). In this capacity, he plays a crucial role in curating and managing invaluable scientific data, contributing significantly to the advancement of chemical biology research. Beyond his scientific endeavours, Domenico finds solace and joy cycling the Hertfordshire hills, embodying a harmonious balance between his passion for science and his appreciation for the beauty of nature.