Domenico Sanfelice

Chemical Biology Curator
Institute of Cancer Research

In 2002, Domenico completed his Master in Chemistry at University of Naples "Federico II". Afterwards, he moved to the UK to start a PhD and continue his studies in the field of Structural Biology in the department of Life Science at Portsmouth University. After being awarded a PG Certificate, he followed Dr Sasi Conte to King’s College London where he completed his PhD studying Protein-RNA interactions. In 2009, Domenico joined the EMBL in Heidelberg to further extend his skills in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and to apply Fragment Based Drug Discovery to design new molecules aimed at disrupting the interaction between p53-MDM2. In early 2011, Domenico was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship and moved back to London to the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, where he stayed for 5 years working on multiple projects to elucidate the complexity of Protein Folding/Misfolding and its involvement in neurodegenerative diseases. In 2016, Domenico accepted a senior position at UCL’s Division of Life Sciences where he successfully characterised the interaction between CDC37 and the FGFR3 kinase combining a variety of biophysical techniques such as NMR and SAXS. Since September 2019, Domenico is currently working as Data Curator for the Chemical Probes Portal at the ICR.

When he is not immersed in data extraction, Domenico enjoys cycling around Hertfordshire hills.