Corey R Hopkins

Associate Professor
University of Nebraska

Corey R. Hopkins completed his PhD studies in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh under the direction of Prof. Peter Wipf. After his PhD, he joined Aventis Pharmaceuticals in 2001 as a medicinal chemist working in CNS and inflammation areas. In 2005, he moved to Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals as a project team leader in the skeletal and inflammatory diseases group. In 2006, Dr. Hopkins rejoined Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals in NJ as a Senior Research Investigator and Project Team Leader. In 2008, he moved to Nashville, TN to join the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery as the associate director of medicinal chemistry leading programs in multiple CNS disease areas. In 2016, he moved his lab to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences where he is an Associate Professor and his group is working on projects in medicinal chemistry focused in the areas of Pain, Cancer and Neuroscience.