Chun-wa Chung

Senior Director

Chun-wa Chung is the Snr Director of Structural & Biophysical Sciences at GSK’s major European research site in Stevenage. This group supports crystallography, electron microscopy, mass spectrometry and biophysical studies from HTS hit triage and mode-of-action analysis to fragment screening across a wide range of therapeutic areas and drug modalities. With a broad interest in both chemistry and physics Chun-wa studied for a BA in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Combining computational approaches with experimental innovation she continued in the Chemistry department in Cambridge to complete a PhD in NMR techniques development, before joining Glaxo (GSK). Since then, she has led and supported many project teams with a wide repertoire of structural and biophysical techniques including those that have resulted in chemical probes especially for epigenetic targets such as bromodomains and Jumonji enzymes. Keen to fill technology gaps she has helped introduce activities such as medium throughput surface plasmon resonance for hit triage, Rapidfire MS for compound screening and most recently, HDX-MS and EM for molecular binding and mechanistic elucidation into GSK. Her particular scientific interest is understanding the molecular mode of action of compounds and how these link to pharmacology.