Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer obtained his M.S. in Chemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich/Switzerland where he also conducted his Ph.D. research with Erick Carreira in the area of transition-metal catalysis. He then moved to the US for postdoctoral studies at MIT as a DAAD fellow with Gregory Fu where he developed several catalytic asymmetric reactions. In 2006 Christian joined Merck Research Labs in Boston as a medicinal chemist where he since contributed to several early and late stage drug discovery projects in Neuroscience, Inflammation and Oncology. Currently, he is a Senior Principal Scientist in the Discovery Chemistry Department where his roles and responsibilities include leadership of discovery programs as well as external collaborations with partners and consortia. Christian has broad interest in Oncology drug discovery, in particular target identification/validation and LID projects that span a range of target classes, including epigenetic targets.