Aubry Miller

Group Leader
German Cancer Research Center

Aubry Miller is a synthetic organic chemist by training, and has been a tenured group leader of the Cancer Drug Development group at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany since 2013. He has expertise in the development of HDAC, serine protease, and MetAP inhibitors, as well as a special interest in covalent inhibitors, small molecule degraders, and using click chemistry for target enrichment/discovery studies. After obtaining a B.S. in chemistry from Stanford, he spent six years working for Hoffman LaRoche, both in Palo Alto, CA and in Basel, Switzlerand. He obtained his PhD at UC Berkeley preforming natural product total synthesis as one of Dirk Trauner's early crop of graduate students. He then spent a brief postdoc with Robert Bergman, also at UC Berkeley, before moving to Heidelberg to start his independent career at the DKFZ.