Arindam Talukdar

Principal Scientist
Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

Arindam Talukdar is a trained medicinal Chemist and currently working as a Principal Scientist in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at CSIR−Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India. His lab aims to answer fundamental questions that lie at the interface of chemistry and biology to perform rational design and synthesis of novel chemical entity to unravel the molecular mechanism and develop potential treatment for human diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, metabolic disorder. His research interests include identifying suitable HTS hits and subsequent medicinal chemistry hit-to-lead and lead optimization through activity guided as well as computer-aided design in order to generate drug-like molecules with potential therapeutic value. Dr. Talukdar completed his doctoral degree at the National Chemical Laboratory, India. During his 6 years postdoctoral stint in the USA, Dr. Talukdar worked on various aspects of medicinal chemistry and glycochemistry. Thereafter, he worked for three years as a Senior Research Scientist in the drug discovery program at Albany Molecular Research, Inc., Singapore. He has published his work in peer-reviewed international journals and filed patents related to his work.