Aled Edwards

Director of Genomics
University of Toronto

Dr. Aled Edwards is the founding and current CEO of the SGC, a professor at the University of Toronto and a visiting professor at the University of Oxford. Trained as a protein biochemist at McGill University (with Peter Braun) and at Stanford University (with Roger Kornberg), his research interests include structural biology, host-virus interaction, functional proteomics and drug discovery.

In 1997, he and Dr. Cheryl Arrowsmith, contemporaneously with others around the world, launched a pilot project in structural genomics. The publication of their pilot project represented the first report of a large-scale effort in structural biology. Since 2000, Al and his colleagues have contributed over 2,000 unique protein structures into the Protein Data Bank.

Al's other interests include open-access and open-innovation approaches to drug discovery and science outreach. He was the scientific advisor to the award-winning international TV science drama, ReGenesis.