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Data Sources

Data Sources

All the data appearing on the Chemical Probe Portal pages are extracted from published/peer-reviewed literature. Data are manually curated, and bioactivities are converted to nanomolar for uniformity throughout the website.

We preferentially add compounds that are commercially available and can be purchased by scientists for their experiments.

SGC Chemical Probes and compounds from the Donated Chemical Probes initiative are an exception: these high quality compounds are independently peer-reviewed at SGC and freely available upon request and so we include them on the Portal.

Structures and parameters for chemical probes and proteins are imported from canSAR.ai (the integrated knowledge-base that brings together multidisciplinary data across biology, chemistry, pharmacology, structural biology, cellular networks and clinical annotations, and applies machine learning approaches to provide useful predictions for drug-discovery).

Star-ratings and Reviews

The Scientific Expert Review Panel (SERP) provide the star-ratings and comments (where available): the Portal staff only edit these for grammar and misspelling without altering the content and the meaning of the comments.

Portal Comments

Occasionally new literature is published with information pertinent to a chemical probe on the Portal, for example regarding selectivity, toxicity and use. This information is internally reviewed at the Portal and where appropriate a public comment is published to help the community make the best choice when searching for and using chemical probes.