AZD9833 : Degrader of ESR1



  • ESR1
  • Degrader, Antagonist
  • 10 nM

In Vitro Validations

Uniprot ID: P03372
Target Class: Other
Target SubClass: Hormone Receptor
Potency: IC50
Potency Value: 2.5 nM
Potency Assay: ER Binding Assay
PDB ID for probe-target interaction (3D structure): --
Structure-activity relationship: yes
Target aliases:
Estrogen receptor, NR3A1, ESR, ESR1, ESR1_HUMAN, E ...

DOI Reference: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.0c01163

In Cell Validations

In Vivo Data

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SERP ratings and comments

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