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The chemical probe NI-57, which is closely related to NI-42, inhibits BRPF1, BRD1, BRPF3 and is the preferred probe for these targets. Although NI-57 is not yet published, it is commercially available. Details for NI-57 are available on the SGC website

NI-42 is a moderately potent BRPF1 inhibitor (exact potency unclear as it is assay format dependent, but presuming ITC is preferred format, KD ~40 nM) with moderate selectivity: ~6X selectivity over BRPF2, ~10X over BRD7, ~20-40X selectivity over BRPF3 and BRD9, and much greater selectivity over remaining BRD-containing proteins screened. GSK6853 ( would appear to be the preferred probe for cellular use, as it is more potent and selective. NI-42 may be the best in vivo tool available for models that require chronic dosing, however, as its pharmacokinetics was compatible with oral dosing, unlike GSK6853 (limited to IP dosing).