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Bruce received his Ph.D. in biochemistry with Professor Stephen Benkovic at Penn State University in 1994 and then carried out an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellowship with Professor Alfred G. Gilman at the University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center (UTSMC).  Subsequently, he joined Pfizer, Inc as a Principal Scientist in the High Throughput Screening Center of Emphasis. During his nine year tenure there, he led over 60 HTS campaigns and identified more than 20 hit-to-lead starts for early drug discovery programs. Two of these chemical series were submitted to first-in-human clinical trials. His efforts resulted in his recognition with Pfizer’s Discovery Recognition Award 2004 and subsequent promotion to Senior Principal Scientist. In 2009, he joined the biochemistry faculty at UTSMC as an associate professor and the director of the High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core. In this capacity, he leads the core facility efforts to aid in the discovery and the early stage, pre-clinical development of new small molecule therapeutics.  He has co-authored over 25 publications (papers and patents) since joining UT Southwestern in 2009. His efforts at UT Southwestern have contributed to the licensing of four candidate small molecules to three pharmaceutical companies. He was promoted to professor in 2015.