Ajit Jadhav

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Ajit Jadhav heads the NCATS Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC), which consists of over 55 biologists, chemists, computational staff and engineers. The center was formerly part of the Molecular Libraries Program and has developed many first-in-class chemical probes over the years (Schreiber et al., Cell, 161(6):1252-65), including examples such as ML323 (Liang et al., Nat Chem Bio, 10(4):298-304), a potent and selective inhibitor of deubiquintinase USP1/UAF1, and ML265, a potent in vivo activator of Pyruvate Kinase M2 (Anastasiou et al.Nat Chem Bio, 8(12):1008). NCGC collaborates with academic investigators throughout the world with the goal of optimizing and developing small molecules that can be used to test novel hypotheses in in vivo proof-of-concept models. Prior to joining NIH in 2004, Ajit was in the private sector where he designed chemical libraries for high-throughput screening.